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    Scott Johnson, Feedster

    En "Under the Iron", por tanto en inglés, Scott Johnson, el responsable de Feedster.
    Es difícil destacar una parte de la entrevista sobre las otras. Quizá esta:
    What made you start up Feedster? Doesn’t Google do a pretty nice job already, or did you want one specialized on feeds?
    Ah yes. The “why” question.
    Um.… Because it was there? Seriously, I’m a search geek and when someone posted on their blog that they’d like an RSS search engine and it was snowing in Boston and I couldn’t go out, that was just inspiration to hack.
    And what a hack it has become. We’ve gone from a handfull of lines of code and a MySQL database to a full fledged 24x7 operation running on multiple servers, has a ridiculously robust query language and has even withstood being slashdotted.

    Ahí mismo puede accederse a tres nuevas entrevistas:
  • John Gruber, de Daring Fireball

  • Andy Baio, de Waxy

  • Jeffrey Zeldman, de Zeldman.com

    2003-11-14 20:17 | 1 Comentarios

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    De: JJ Fecha: 2003-11-15 01:12

    Podían preguntarle porqué se cae tanto...

    Dirección IP: (4ba0b1f8b0)
    ¿Cuánto es: diez mil + uno?

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